Creating Your Audition Video

To ensure we continue delivering the best possible learning experience for our students, we have every new DataCamp instructor go through a brief audition process. Prior to beginning this process, we recommend going through some of our existing courses to get a feel for our code-centric, learn-by-doing approach to teaching data science.


You'll create a 5-10 minute screencast teaching a data science topic of your choice in one of the following formats:

  • Slideshow (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.)
  • Notebook (Jupyter, R, etc.)
  • Live coding (your favorite IDE, terminal, etc.)

You should expect to spend somewhere between 2 and 5 hours creating your screencast.


Here are a few examples of auditions we have particularly liked (used with permission):

And here's one that is deliberately bad, along with some comments on why:


Your screencast will be evaluated based on these criteria:

  • Audience

    • Is the topic interesting and relevant for DataCamp students?
    • Is it clear what assumptions are made about the audience?
  • Communication

    • Is the text clearly legible?
    • Did you prepare a script and rehearse?
    • Do you speak clearly?
    • Do you provide sufficient motivation for your subject?
    • Do you include diagrams, images, or plots?
  • Content

    • Is the content technically accurate?
    • Do you use interesting, real-world datasets and examples?
    • Does the material follow a logical progression (i.e., tell a story)?
    • Do you explain everything clearly (code, concepts, etc.)?
    • Do you show rather than tell?
  • Format

    • Is the screencast between 5 and 10 minutes long?
    • Is it in one of three formats listed above?


If you're using a Mac, we recommend using QuickTime Player to record your screen. If you're on Windows, there are plenty of free options for screen recording, including Icecream Screen Recorder and CamStudio. If you are using Linux we recommend ScreenStudio.

If you have two screens available, it is useful to record one screen and have your script visible to you on the second screen. If you prefer a printed script, lay it all out so that you don't have to turn pages while you're recording. Either way, do a brief test to check your sound levels–we want to hear you!


Upload your video to DataCamp's Dropbox account. Please include your first and last names in the video filename and send us an email when it's uploaded so we can take a look! For example, is a good, informative file name.

Note that you have permission to upload, but not to view or edit the files in the Dropbox directory. Make sure that the upload completes before closing the browser window.


We will review your audition as quickly as we can: you can expect to receive a response from your DataCamp contact within two weeks of submitting your audition.

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