Markdown and GitHub help resources

In order to get started, you need some basic skills in writing markdown and using GitHub.

Learn to write markdown

This document is written in GitHub-flavored markdown. If you don't know how to write it, please take this tutorial or read this cheatsheet.

Learn to edit files with GitHub

The course spec is written entirely in the file. GitHub has instructions on how to edit a file. In Step 6 of that document, "add your commit" means "save your changes to the file".

Learn to work with GitHub Issues

DataCamp uses GitHub Issues to record feedback on the course, and to document any problems.

  • To view the Issues related to your course, click on the "Issues" pane near the top left of the screen.
  • Github has many bitesize guides to working with issues.
  • In particular, you'll likely want to read about creating an issue.
  • GitHub also has a longer guide to Mastering Issues.

Learn more advanced git skills

If you want to take your skills further, these resources will help.

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