Bullet Exercise


A BulletExercise allows an exercise to be presented as a series of smaller sub-exercises, which makes each step easier. They are best suited to teach a single concept by focusing on its different aspects. The pre_exercise_code block for a BulletExercise is executed once for each bullet, so that they are checked independently.


  1. Bullet Exercise in SQL
  2. Bullet Exercise in R
  3. Bullet Exercise in Python

Please read this article to understand how to choose between a BulletExercise and a TabExercise.

Bullet Console Exercise

A BulletConsole exercise is just like a BulletExercise, but its sub-exercises must all be ConsoleExercises. State is preserved between sub-exercises to give a sense of progression through the overall exercise, i.e., the pre_exercise_code is executed once at the start of the sequence, rather than for each bullet. This exercise type is currently supported only for Shell courses.

Bullet Console Exercise - Shell

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