Rubric for Reviewing MultipleChoiceExercises and PureMultipleChoiceExercises

To ensure that a MultipleChoiceExercise or PureMultipleChoiceExercise is suitably high quality for DataCamp, make sure it passes all these checks.


  1. Does the exercise pass all content guidelines, as shown in the build log?


  1. Is it written in sentence case?
  2. Is it informative?


  1. Is some context provided?
  2. Is the question worded clearly?
  3. Ideally, does the student need to actively do something to answer the question?


  1. Does each distractor sounds plausible?
  2. Does each distractor provide insight as to what the student did wrong?
  3. Are "All of the above" and "None of the above" not provided as responses?
  4. Does each response have roughly the same amount of text?

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