Rubric for Reviewing NormalExercises

To ensure that a NormalExercise is suitably high quality for DataCamp, make sure it passes all these checks.


  1. Does the exercise pass all content guidelines, as shown in the build log?


  1. Is it written in sentence case?
  2. Is it informative?

Assignment text

  1. Does the text describe the problem that the exercise is designed to solve?
  2. Does the text introduce all new code that hasn't already been covered in another non-video exercise?
  3. Does the text not describe the steps to solve the exercise? (This belongs in the instructions.)


  1. Is setup mentioned? In particular, any pre-assigned varaibles should be mentioned.
  2. Does each instruction ask the student to describe a step to solve the exercise?
  3. Does each instruction make sense?
  4. Is each task something that has been demonstrated in a video exercise or previous coding exercise?
  5. Is each task specific?
  6. Is each task appropriately difficult?
  7. Does the instruction require the student to do more than copy and paste?

Sample code

  1. Is there one code comment per instruction?
  2. Does each comment have sentence case?
  3. Does each comment make sense?
  4. Is an appropriate amount of code scaffolding in place?

Solution code

  1. Is the code idiomatic for the target audience?


  1. Is there a hint for each instruction?
  2. Does each hint get the student about half way to the solution?

Success message

  1. Does the message include some praise?
  2. Does the message reinforce a learning objective, or preempt the next exercise?

Learning objective

  1. Do you think a student will learn something from taking the exercise?
  2. Is it clear what the main learning objective is?

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