Rubric for Reviewing VideoExercise

To ensure that a MultipleChoiceExercise or PureMultipleChoiceExercise is suitably high quality for DataCamp, make sure it passes all these checks.


  1. Is it written in sentence case?
  2. Is it informative?


  1. Is the script under 600 words?
  2. Does the script have a narrative?
  3. ... that makes sense?
  4. Are any problems motivated?
  5. Is the script simple enough to understand in real-time, by the target audience?
  6. Are all pieces of jargon, slang, and idioms understandable or explained?
  7. Is there a summary at the end?


  1. Are there enough interesting visuals?
  2. Do the visuals match the text?
  3. Do the images look classy?

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