Select Output

In a Select Output exercise, students are asked to select the output generated by a given block of code. Select Output exercises require an output block (because the output block is the correct solution), and a distractor_output field. In a sense, Select Output is the reverse of a Select Code exercise. In fact, all it takes to convert a Select Code exercise to a Select Output exercise is to remove or comment the distractor_code field and add a distractor_output field.

# subtraction
- key: # generate me!
  context: "You can use `-` to subtract numbers, just like a calculator."
  output: "3"
  code: "print(8 - 5)"
    - option: "4"
      feedback: "8 - 5 isn't 4, try again."
    - option: "8 - 5"
      feedback: "The mathematical expression will be evaluated before it is printed."

Select Output exercise

Guideline Min Reco Min Reco Max Max
Distractors in a Select exercise 1 2 4 5

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