Mobile Practice


Mobile practice pools share an authoring format with desktop challenges. Therefore you can use the online DataCamp editor to edit mobile practice pools (which is not the case for mobile courses). For more information about using the teach editor to author challenge/practice exercises, see the desktop challenges documentation.

The only material difference is that you should use the "mobile-preview" pane to see how a particular exercise will render in the mobile app. Note that you will need to manually size the pane to a width consistent with the width of a mobile device.


  1. Make sure that the pool.yml file in your pool repository has a mobile-pool-key entry. Randomly generate a UUID for this if none exists already.
  2. In the mobile-content repository, add an entry for the pool.

    # Writing Functions in R
    - key: 3c3088e8-27f4-49d0-b5a0-492b1d90059a
      status: LIVE
      isPremium: true
        key: a690e8e8-de36-49e6-b113-35808fce7d30
        title: Cleaning Data in R
        description: ''
        mainId: 1008
        technologyKey: R
    • The key should be equal to the mobile_pool_key value.
    • The status should be LIVE when live or HIDDEN if it should not be shown anymore (don’t just delete it).
    • The practice badge should be according to the topic on main-app. I’ll provide a list down below
    • For the course part:
  3. Your mobile pool will now be visible in the development app. Check to make sure that everything works as intended.
  4. In the pool repository, submit a PR request to have your mobile-development branch merged into mobile-master.
  5. After the PR has been reviewed, merge the changes into mobile-master.

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