DataCamp Projects

A DataCamp Project is an exciting new teaching format that allow students to flex their skills when completing an applied data science task. A Project consists of a code notebook that describes an analysis / case study / data narrative, but where the code has been partially removed. It is now up to the student to complete the Project, with the help of instructions and hints.

If you've never seen a DataCamp project then you'll quickly get the gist by watching this intro video:


Currently only invited creators can create Projects on DataCamp, but we're always looking for engaged professionals and academics who want to help us teach Data Science. If you want to create a Project, please contact for more info!

Overview of Projects documentation

  • If you don't know where to start, you should check out the Project Creation Process. There you'll find out what you need to create a Project, and what the different steps are.
  • The Project notebook format defines how the final Jupyter notebook describing a DataCamp Project should look.
  • The Project notebook needs to reside in a GitHub repository to be published on DataCamp. The Project File Structure page describes the file structure of the project repository.

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