DataCamp Projects

A Project is an exciting new content format on DataCamp that allows students to apply the skills they learned in courses to an end-to-end, real-world data analysis. A Project consists of a Jupyter notebook that contains an analysis/case study/etc., but with some of the code removed. It is up to the student to complete the Project, with the help of instructions and hints.

If you've never seen a DataCamp Project then you'll quickly get the gist by watching this short video:


We're always looking for engaged professionals and academics who want to help us teach Data Science. If you want to create a Project, please follow steps 1 and 2 here and email with your Project idea.

Overview of Projects Documentation

  • The Project Creation Process pages outlines what each step in the creation process for Projects entails. The estimated creation timeline for instructors is 10-24 hours spread out over 6-8 weeks (the timeline depends on how formed the Project idea is, how experienced the instructor is, etc.).
  • The Project Notebook Format page describes how the Jupyter notebook for Projects, which is the authoring tool for DataCamp Projects, is structured.
  • The Project File Structure page describes the file structure of the private GitHub repository where all of the contents of the Projects are stored. This repository can only be viewed by DataCamp and the Project's instructor(s).

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