Getting started with Asana

In order to ensure we deliver your course, project, or practice content as successfully and effectively as possible, we use Asana, a project management tool, to track all the work involved. This way, all work is organized, tracked, and transparent to all.

So, how do I get started?

  1. Check your email inbox.

You should receive an invitation to join Asana from DataCamp. Follow the instructions to join your particular course/project/practice's project. Click on 'View Project'.


  1. Create your Asana account.


  1. Go to your Course project in Asana.

Here you'll see all of the tasks involved in creating your content on DataCamp. Take some time to preview some of the tasks that will lead you to your content launch.


You can also preview the various stages in the content development by clicking on the Timeline feature at the top of your project. This will allow you to visualize your project's timeline and help you plan ahead.


  1. Asana Tips and Tricks

Tasks assigned to me

You can see the tasks assigned to you in multiple places:

In your project: screenshot5

By clicking on "My Tasks":


Make sure to click into your tasks to see subtasks (if applicable).


Tasks have due dates

When you are assigned a task, make sure to take note of the due date associated with it.


Complete tasks

Once you complete a task, you can click on the checkmark to alert all project members that you've completed it. That way, you won't get reminders if you've already done what you've been assigned!


Add comments to tasks

If you have questions or comments about tasks, feel free to use the comment feature. You can make sure people are alerted of your comment by using @followed by the person's name.


For more information on how to use Asana, watch their product overview video here.

Set up your accounts

In order to start creating courses, challenges and/or projects on the DataCamp platform you need to have a DataCamp account and a GitHub account. For courses and challenges (but not projects) you also need to authorize DataCamp to manage your GitHub account.

The remainder of this page will walk you step-by-step through the setup process.

1. Create a DataCamp account

If you don't already have a DataCamp account, visit, enter your email address, and choose a password. You can also log in using your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ account.

Create DataCamp account Once you have created your DataCamp account you can proceed with creating your GitHub account.

2. Create a GitHub Account

DataCamp uses GitHub behind the scenes for hosting, versioning, and collaborating on content. In case you're not familiar with Git (the version control technology behind GitHub) we highly recommend you check out the official documentation or our Introduction to Git for Data Science course on DataCamp!

3. Creating the new account

To create a new account visit the GitHub registration page and complete the three steps process.

The first step is providing your login information. Fill in all three required fields, then click the "Create an account" button to proceed.

GitHub registration form

Next, choose your plan. We recommend you start with the free plan and upgrade later if necessary.

GitHub registration form - Plan

You can skip the final step or fill in your details if desired.

GitHub registration form - Complete

Finally, you need to allow the DataCamp application to access your GitHub account so you can take full advantage of our authoring tools. Follow these steps to provide authorization:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the "Link GitHub Account" button GitHub registration form - Plan
  3. When promoted by GitHub, click the "Authorize" button
  4. Once authorization is complete you will see your Teach dashboard

Now you're ready to start creating content!

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