A course consists of series of videos, slides, and different types of exercises. A typical premium course combines brief video lectures with hands-on coding exercises.

Creating a Course

To create a course make sure you are signed in to your DataCamp account. Once you are signed in, go to DataCamp for Teachers.

DataCamp for Teachers - Dashboard DataCamp for Teachers - Dashboard

To create a new course, click the "Add Course +" button. The following dialog will appear:

DataCamp for Teachers - Dashboard DataCamp for Teachers - Create Course dialog

Give your course a name and specify the technology it will use (one of R, Python, SQL, or Shell). Names must be all lower-case with dashes instead of spaces, such as best-course. When you are done, click "Create".


Creating the course can take a few moments.

Once the course has been created it will appear in your Dashboard:

DataCamp for Teachers - Dashboard DataCamp for Teachers - Course dashboard

Congratulations–you just created your first course!

What Just Happened?

Here's what happened behind the scenes when you clicked "Create":

  1. DataCamp created a course populated with scaffolded exercises and information.
  2. The course was uploaded to your Github account in a new repository named best-course. (You can check this by going to your account on GitHub and looking for that repository.)

You can now learn about:

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