Step 2 - Who Is This Course for?

Read the page of sample learner personas and choose 1 or 2 of them as the most likely to benefit from your course. Write a sentence about the ones you chose stating how good a fit you think they might be.


From a course on RNA-Seq analysis. After discussion with the Curriculum Lead, it was decided that the target audiences didn't exactly fit the sample personas, and that the trick to the course was balancing students with biology knowledge that wanted to learn R, and students who knew R but wanted to learn the biological application.

  • Biologist. He/She works in a biology lab and generates data. Very little knowledge about R, it is the hard part.
  • Statistician with no prior knowledge about biology/scRNA-seq. He/She knows basic R.


Can I choose more than 2 personas?

You can comment on how good a fit the other personas would be for your course, but if your course seems like it would be suitable for everyone, that's an indication of a problem. It is important to think about targeting your course towards a specific demographic. You cannot easily please beginners and experts in a topic.

Can I invent my own personas?

Yes! If you have a specific target audience in mind for your course, feel free to describe them in this step. You can discuss the new persona with your Curriculum Lead to decide whether or not it constitutes a realistic DataCamp student.

Good ideas

Think about different axes of expertise

To complete a course, the students need programming skills, statistics skills, and domain-specific knowledge, and the levels of each may be different within your course. Your course may require beginner-level programming skills but advanced statistical skills and intermediate domain knowledge, for example. It can be useful to think about how the sample learner personas match up to your course on each of these axes.

Common problems and their solutions

Overestimating students' mathematical skills

Many DataCamp students do not have a university-level mathematical background. That means that you cannot assume that the majority of students will be able to understand equations.

How will this be reviewed?

Your Curriculum Lead will discuss your responses to the persona questions. They will not be formally reviewed (though they provide important context for reviewers).

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