Multiple Choice Exercises

Similar to video exercises, it is also not yet possible to create multiple choice exercises using the spreadsheets authoring interface. There are however some guidelines to be forward compatible:

For the multiple choice exercises, add a Meta sheet and add a field type with value MultipleChoiceExercise. You can use the regular title, assignment, hint and success_message fields described here. Two extra fields should be added as well: options and feedback:

  • options is a markdown list of choices that the user will have to choose from. The correct option is between square brackets ([).
  • feedback is a list of the same length with feedback messages for each of the option.

An example for options would be:

  - The answer is this
  - No, the answer is this
  - [No, but really... this is the answer]

The corresponding feedback could be:

  - That's not quite right
  - Not really
  - Correct!

This means your meta sheet for a multiple choice exercise can have up until 7 fields: type, title, assignment, hint, success_message, options and feedback. There is no sample, solution or SCT sheet for multiple choice exercises.

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