Pure Multiple Choice Exercises

For the pure multiple choice exercise, add a meta sheet and add the field type with value PureMultipleChoiceExercise.

Only a meta sheet is required for a pure multiple choice exercise. The following fields can be defined:

  • type: needs to be set to PureMultipleChoiceExercise
  • title: the title of the exercise
  • assignment: the context of the exercise
  • hint: optional hint you want to give the user (if requested)
  • possible_answers: a markdown list of choices that the user will have to choose from. The correct option is between square brackets ([).
  • feedback: a markdown list of the same length with feedback messages for each of the option.

An example for possible_answers would be:

  - The answer is this
  - No, the answer is this
  - [No, but really... this is the answer]

The corresponding feedback could be:

  - That's not quite right
  - Not really
  - Correct!

Remember, there is no sample, solution or SCT sheet for pure multiple choice exercises.

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