Video Exercises

For the video exercise, add a meta sheet and add the field type with value VideoExercise.

Only a meta sheet is required for a video exercise. The following fields can be defined:

  • type: needs to be set to VideoExercise
  • title: the title of the exercise
  • projector_key: the projector key of the video. This can be found on GitHub, at the top of the slide markdown file you created using the Teach Editor. Watch out: this key needs to be prepended by course_{course_id}_{projector_key}. For example for the first slide of pivot tables, this would be course_7268_610fb633cdafa6bc78c1cd12f6183b44.

You can then create videos using the usual video creation process, using the Teach Editor.

Remember, there is no sample, solution or SCT sheet for video exercises.

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